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New Aging Partnership New Partners' Initiative

The New Aging Partnership has expanded our consultancy to include thought leaders from different areas of expertise for the purpose of enhancing understanding of the Caregiving Crisis and providing solutions.


In our efforts to advance real solutions to the challenges confronting caregivers of the elderly, NAP is targeting the particular travails facing caregiver-employees in the context of work-life conflicts. The increasing effort required in meeting family caregiving needs is resulting in work disruptions which are not only costly to individuals, but to the organizations in which they are employed.


In conjunction with our Resource Consultants, each of whom independently is available to provide guidance and programming around a range of individual, organizational and institutional caregiving concerns, NAP is in the process of developing new educational and administrative strategies designed to reduce work-life conflicts.


We have determined that together we can more effectively meet the growing demand for CAREGIVING SOLUTIONS.


We will be sharing outcomes of our endeavors as they continue to develop. In the meantime, you can avail yourselves of the services of this highly qualified group of experts by contacting them directly through the information provided in their profiles.


Our list is by no means complete. We continue to learn of and correspond with other distinguished professionals in many allied health fields who have accumulated much knowledge and experience regarding the multi-faceted aspects of caregiving.

Resource Consultants

NEW AGING PARTNERSHIP is proud to partner with premier consultants who understand the specific challenges facing caregivers - from a variety of different professional perspectives. Read about the unique specialization of each of these leading authorities; and, the expertise they bring to promoting a better caregiving experience for individuals, while also helping to advance organizational and institutional remedies for “the caregiving crisis” which permeates our lives and which is creating serious burdens for caregiver-employees as well as employers and families.


Jeannette Galvanek 

Age Tech Innovator, Thought Leader, Solutions Provider,
Founder, CareWise Solutions

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Raymond Lavine MBA, MA

Principal@Lavine LTC Benefits

neal linkedin headshot_edited.jpg

Neal K. Shah 


CareYaya Health Technologies

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