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Neal K. Shah
CEO CareYaya Health Technologies

Neal K. Shah is the CEO of CareYaya Health Technologies, one of the fastest-growing health tech startups in America. He runs a social enterprise and applied research lab utilizing artificial intelligence and human capital innovation to advance health equity through technology. Neal is a “Top Healthcare Voice” on LinkedIn with a 30k+ following, having led partnerships with top healthcare systems in America. Neal is a former hedge fund manager turned social entrepreneur after deeply personal experiences with caregiving. Motivated by creativity and humanitarian progress, he co-founded CareYaya. Its flagship product is a technology platform that lets people quickly book experienced caregivers that are uniquely all students in the healthcare field, helping expand the care workforce amidst a critical caregiver shortage ( In addition, CareYaya is launching new applications of artificial intelligence to help people better manage caregiving, aging and serious illness. Its mission is to empower family caregivers and create a better future for care. Previously, Neal founded and managed a $250 million investment fund in New York, including a focus on healthcare investments, and prior to that, was a partner at a $1.5 billion private equity and hedge fund focusing on a variety of sectors. He started his career in investment banking at Credit Suisse First Boston, after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in philosophy and economics.



To contact Neal: 

Mobile: 919.346.4821



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