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Jeannette Galvanek
Age Tech Innovator, Thought Leader, Solutions Provider, Founder, CareWise Solutions

CareWise Solutions advocates for major attitudinal and institutional shifts in how employers, employee-caregivers, and teams work, live, and care for aged and disabled family members. 

Steeped in 25 years of transformational leadership in a global Fortune 50 corporation, Jeannette offers alternative paths to the current economic, human capital, and digital ecosystem employee caregiving models for work and care across America.  


At least 55% of today’s workforce are employee caregivers, and the healthcare-oriented family care system fails to meet the multifaceted needs of today’s employee caregivers and their families. 

Jeannette was educated at Quinnipiac, Harvard, and Insead International Universities. She held executive positions with AT&T, Bell Labs, and the Business Roundtable, sharpening her corporate and national policy development and implementation skills. She offers over a dozen publications supporting national longevity, work, career strategies, and redefining organizational solutions for caregiving and employment success. As a mother of two daughters with special needs and caregiver to her aging mother, she has personally experienced some of the employment, financial, and other impacts of juggling multiple responsibilities. 



To contact Jeanette: 

Mobile: 908­.285.9583



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