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The mission of the New Aging Partnership is to raise awareness of issues and challenges associated with caregiving, and by extension, the impact of caregiving challenges on quality of life and work.  Our purpose is to identify best educational, administrative and legislative remedies for managing the caregiving crisis and advocate for reform predicated on state of the art knowledge and research. 


About Us

The New Aging Partnership is an evolving union of professionals and advocates dedicated to the advancement of institutional opportunities and practices aimed at promoting a quality experience for all age groups; and, thus all members of society.

"Taking the ISM out of Aging: One step at a time."

Meet the Founders




To expand awareness of the issues associated with the caregiving crisis.


To consolidate information to provide for the cross-fertilization of knowledge.


To identify and advocate for the implementation of policies to assist and ease the burdens of caregiving.


So What Makes the New Aging Partnership Different?

By emphasizing the connection between ageism and caregiving, with particular concern for millennial caregivers as well as older caregivers, we are distinguishing this issue as one of great prominence and targeting our energies accordingly.

We hope you will join us on our journey.
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